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What is an Income Tax Return and Why is it Important?

Ever since the start of civilization there is always the presence of a leader and his or her government in which the government ensures that their civilization prospers and remains safe from all foreign or domestic attacks to the safety and order of their country and of course their main priority is that their people or citizens are ensured that their safety is at the maximum. To do these important things the government of course needs particular things such as a sustainable number of weapons to their military and police and of course the salary of the people working for their government to do all of this the government needs funds and which they use these funds to purchase and use all the things that they need to ensure the safety and prosperity of their nation that they most loved.

There are plenty of times where governments need the money since their funds or cash is not enough to either pay the salary or to purchase the required needs for their country. That is why Tax Return is made to ensure that the government remains funded and to ensure that the people are well treated and to make them the happiest of all since the goal of a government is to make sure that the people are happy and content about their surroundings.

The main purpose of Tax Return is to fund the government with all the projects that they carry out through this they can make the people happy and content as their goals deem to make the people actually happy and content. There are plenty of people that pay taxes since they know that paying it is the right thing to do so that they can make their government do the projects that are good for the people.

There are although sometimes persons who does not pay the required taxes and go and break the law since they don't want to pay their hard earned money to the government and just want to keep it to themselves although sometimes they have a pretty good reason to since sometimes there are corrupt persons in the government and use the hard earned money of the people to satisfy their personal needs and to make their greed content although it does not last long and they continue to take the money of the people. Check out for the definition of tax at